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Bullying Prevention

In accordance with the Safe and Supportive Minnesota Schools Act, we affirm that students have the right to be safe and free from threatening situations while on school property, at school activities and in district vehicles. Bullying interferes with students’ ability to learn and teachers’ ability to educate. It is our intent to prevent bullying from occurring, and to investigate and respond to any instance of bully that has not been prevented.

District 196 is committed to educating all students to reach their full potential by providing a wide array of opportunities to be successful. In our schools, that begins with a safe and welcoming environment in which to learn.

Bullying behavior is not acceptable. If you are subjected to bullying or see it happening, report the incident to a staff member right away. The designated districtwide person to receive bullying reports and ensure the policy is enforced is listed below. Each school also has a designated contact person. View the complete list of building contacts.

For more information about reporting and responding to bullying and a comprehensive definition of bullying, view our policies: 503.8AR, Bullying Prohibition or District Procedure 503.8P, Report of Bullying Behavior.

District 196 Anti-Bullying Brochure

Anti-Bullying Official

Name of official: Tyra Raasch
Title: Principal
Telephone: 651-683-6801